Morse code converter

attempt to learn cross-compilation from C++ to Javascript

The Morse Code converter itself is a C++ class, which can be cross-compiled to Javascript and included in a static HTML page as below. This is done using emscripten. The same class can also be compiled into a console application by simply switching a flag in the CMake configuration.
[C++ source] [generated JS] [JS wrapper]

Valid sources:
- English text (alphabets/numbers/special characters)
- Morse code with single-space-separated letters and double-space-separated words



Magic square generator

attempt to learn dynamic HTML element creation using Javascript

Nothing new in solving a magic square! The odd, doubly even and singly even magic squares are solved using the Siamese method, by exploiting symmetry, and using the Starchey method respectively. These methods are implemented in Javascript to be able to easily use them here. The resulting table is dynamically added to the static HTML - a miniscule step for web developers, but a good lesson for noobs like me ;)
[JS source]